If I knew the depths these nests would take me to, I would've started a long time ago.

When I started this series (based on a conversation with curator Sandra Hogarth at Gallery 421) We thought it was a neat idea to further explore the subject of Robin's Eggs / nests based on a painting I had sold the previous year. Little did I know how the pursuit of the subject would lead me deeper into questioning and therefore understanding and enjoyment of the connection and symbolism the egg and nest provide. I feel this is just the beginning in a long series of exploration.

This series was composed on the ideas of having robin's nests in varying 'design' compositions emphasizing spacial relationships that could translate to aesthetic decor. It was imagined to portray early subtle spring colours
and tranquil environments.

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The Gallery 421

APRIL 27 - MAY 27 2021
Display at gallery 421

There's more to the story...

30 x 30" Oil on canvas

Lounging in sun drenched splendour.
This painting stretches the boundaries of composition to make way for comparison in openness and comfort.


I don’t like to project my interpretations along with my paintings for the simple fact I hope the painting speaks for itself and leads the viewer to question. That said, there are concepts involved in these nests that I would write for historical purposes rather than have history guess at what my intentions were.

The Nest

As an analogy, our lives are made up of these straws - experiences - which circle arount event after event. We arrange them neatly in our minds making order out of chaos. Ideally our experiences arranged properly allow us to focus on that what matters most to us... our nest eggs. But, we can't have healthy eggs without a healthy nest. Some straws are long and curly, others short or bent as are our experiences.Exposed, fragile and vulnerable, yet adequate enough to enable new life.

The Egg

Symbol of life. Resting potential. Still on the outside, a hive of activity on the inside. It leads to question: What is life going to be like for the bird? is the odd coloured one going to come out a lizard? what experiences will it have? will it hatch, will something eat it before? will it survive the first few weeks before it can fly? will it learn to fly? All the perils and inherent struggle and misery... is a bird ever ‘happy’? What does it all mean? Why are we here?!?

The questions can go as deep as we are willing to let them. The answers go even deeper.


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The Gallery 421

APRIL 27 - MAY 27 2021
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