Oil Painter

Painting in oil requires patience, understanding & practice.
At Least I'm getting the practice down...

The Art

I classify my work as representational impressionism. I am inspired by the atmospheres and techniques of J.M.W. Turner and Albert Bierstadt, the glazing effects of Rembrandt, and the direct-painting nature of the Group of Seven and Robert Genn (and many others). I use the qualities of oil paint, mediums and colour to appear realistic without painting fine details. This gives my works a unique, lively effect.  This is achieved through combining direct (impressionist) and indirect (traditional) painting techniques. Quality and an enduring positive reputation are important to me, I paint in oils following best practices for a long lasting work of art. I continue to refine my skills through dedicated practice, experimentation and study. I find my art represents a connection with nature; of places I have experienced first hand and experiences or scenes that have had an impact on me. My audience usually shares this connection whether they have been to the same place or not as I work to imbue my paintings with emotional atmosphere . My subjects are as varied as my experiences however they commonly have water in various forms whether lakes, streams, oceans or snow.


From early childhood I leaned towards artistic activities. In my 20's I pursued graphic design as a career that spanned 20 years resulting in running my own design firm for 8 years in Australia. I have a passion for knowledge & experience in art, nature, and design. To gather said knowledge, I have been mainly self-taught, studying independently and more recently through mentor-ship and workshops with various professional artists in the Okanagan BC. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta Canada. There, I met my Australian wife, and moved to Australia for over a decade. I have been lucky to travel to many places around the world; North America, Australia, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Presently I work from home in Kelowna BC. I have great support from my family and friends in Canada and Australia for which I am extremely grateful. I have met and painted with some of the greatest living painters in Western Canada and continue to foster those relationships.


We are a sum of our experiences and influences, although I can't name all of the phenomenal people who have made my life what it is today, I can mention the art influences that have been instrumental in my progress:
Jonn Einerssen, Doug Swinton, Neil Hamelin, Brent Heighton, Dennis Webber, Mike Svob, Ron Heddrick, Dene Croft, Alan Wylie, Richard McDiarmid, Neil Patterson, Gene Prokop, Robert Bosler, Jeffrey Baker, The Kelowna Palette Club, The Federation of Canadian Artists, My friends and family.

I also must give thanks to those artists who wrote about their experiences and contributed to my knowledge:

Robert Genn, Edgar Payne, Robert Henri, Richard Schmidt, John Carlson and the list goes on...


CJ Campbell painting outdoors while camping

If you are interested in purchasing any of my works, please get in touch. You can find me on Instagram @cjcampbellart email me at art@cjcrun.com or use the online form by clicking the contact button below: