A Love for painting

CJ Campbell and favourite daughter Haylee

CJ Campbell and favourite daughter Haylee

CJ Campbell (that's me) is a full time painter. I have been applying myself wholeheartedly into the study and production of art since 2015 and am grateful to acknowledge I have truly found a passion. Whether connecting with fellow artists through reading, visiting or learning, the study and application of art deeply interests me.

My art represents a connection with nature; of places I have experienced first hand. My audience usually shares this connection whether they have been to the same place or not. My subjects commonly have water in its various forms whether lakes, streams, oceans or snow. My subjects are either captured 'en plein air' (outdoor painting) or through my own photography. I have travelled many world destinations, as well lived in Australia for over a decade. Already I have a lifetime of inspiration at hand and have only just begun.

Why Landscape art?

Landscape paintings present a timeless beauty. They allow you to live with nature wherever your home or office environment is. Inviting mother nature into your life provides a calming influence and can invoke memories of positive feelings or pivotal points of change in your life.

Below are a selection of my most recent works. Click on any image to see it larger.